Overview of B. Tech in Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Course in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, India

Overview of B. Tech in Computer Science with a specialization in  Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Course in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, India

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How amazing it is to see automated machines work for us in place of human individuals. May it be getting a quick response on a website’s chat box or getting recommendations on YouTube automatically, related to our previous searches.  All thanks to AI technology. 

 Artificial intelligence ‘is’ changing and ‘will’ change the comprehensive economy and the field is creating numerous job opportunities as well. With this contemporary technological field, it has become crucial to acquire top-notch education with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Courses as well. AIs are future-oriented, meaning that they would surely thrive in the forthcoming years and get more advanced. 

 Artificial Intelligence has presented some groundbreaking creations of this era. Robotic assistants, Self-driving cars, and automatic disease diagnostics in the health sector are a few instances of the budding artificial intelligence revolution. Hence, there is an increased demand for talented engineers who can work on the backend of this innovation and make it more futuristic. And, with such augmented job opportunities, there comes expert education. So, while comprehending the AI approach nowadays, let’s know which course can be opted to get a job in AI, in a reputed company.

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

AI is a hot topic in the IT industry right now, and for good reason. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), robots can already replicate human behaviour. In the field of artificial intelligence, the theory and development of computer systems capable of performing activities ordinarily performed by humans, such as visual perception, voice recognition, and decision-making, are referred to as artificial intelligence (AI).

Studying how the human brain works, learns, and decides while attempting to solve a problem is how artificial intelligence is achieved. The results of this research are then used to construct intelligent software and systems.

 In both our professional and personal lives, we come into contact with AI daily. 

Task Automation: It may save time and increase accuracy by automating back-office processes including clerical labour, invoicing, and management reporting. Robots equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) can automate tasks in the factory and warehouse.

Customer Support: Remember that text conversation you had with your bank's customer service representative over the internet? Instead of a real person, it seems that it was a Chatbot conversing.

Social Media: Face recognition on Facebook is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). A box appears around your face when you submit images to Facebook, suggesting friends' names to tag.

Self-Driving Cars: Self-driving vehicles use cameras and computers onboard to recognize objects and drivers on the road then proceed according to traffic signs. Even in their early stages, autonomous vehicles are already more reliable than human drivers.

Artificial Intelligence against Covid-19: In the instance of Covid-19, artificial intelligence has been utilized to detect outbreaks, process healthcare claims, and monitor the disease's progress.

Real-world Applications of Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks 

Deep learning, neural networks, and machine learning are a few of the technologies being used in the real world. Real-world applications often make use of many AI technologies. 

Algorithms for machine learning recognize patterns and/or forecast outcomes. Numerous firms amass massive data sets of their clients, corporate operations, and financials. Human analysts are constrained in terms of time and brainpower when it comes to processing and analyzing this data.

  • Machine Learning in Action: Netflix

Netflix uses machine learning to personalize the movie and television program suggestions you see. Additionally, Netflix analyses what you and others with similar tastes have viewed in the past and automatically produces customized thumbnails and artwork for movie titles to encourage you to click on a title you may otherwise overlook. 

  • Neural Network

A neural network attempts to emulate the way the human brain analyses data. They are capable of identifying, classifying, and analyzing a wide variety of data, dealing with a large number of variables, and detecting patterns that are too complicated for human brains to perceive. 

  • Deep Learning

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning. When applied to a neural network, it enables the network to learn from unstructured data (input that is not categorized or labeled) without human supervision. This is ideal for assessing businesses’ “big data”. These massive data sets include a variety of data types, including text, photos, video, and audio.

So, to understand both of these concepts thoroughly, one can pursue B. Tech in Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR (India). Although both are different professions, yet they offer bright career opportunities and when learned together, it’s a cherry on top. It is assumed that the jobs in AI & ML are expected to grow swiftly.  

Why Choose B. Tech in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Course in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR?

Starex University is known as the Best Private University in Gurgaon in the context of providing state-of-the-art education in AI & ML. And, choosing B. Tech in AI and Machine Learning here strongly paves the way for you to step into the advanced technological field. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for this course after +2:

  • The School of Engineering & Technology at Starex has collaborated with IBM to provide quality education in engineering, science, and innovative technologies. 

  • The assessment system followed at Starex helps the students to think, question, and analyze. 

  • The faculty implements the modern and unique pedagogy to make the students understand their lesson in a simple way. 

  • The School of Engineering & Technology actively conducts symposia, conferences, seminars with a focus on research-oriented topics.

  • AI has acquired its place all over the world making its way in the service sectors at numerous levels. 

  • Future job prospects are likely to be magnified

  • You will not see any sector working without AI

Not only this but pursuing this course will enable you to amplify your chance to get a job with a high pay scale. Starex’s collaboration with IBM is pioneering in the Delhi-NCR region and the first of its kind to offer much-needed applied information technology knowledge to students opting for this degree in their graduation.

 Academic Framework

"In the long run and for far-reaching concerns, more creative solutions tend to come from imaginative interdisciplinary collaboration".  

The foundation of higher learning at Starex since its inception is to explore and promote areas of learning that are innovative and future-focused. While traversing the path of Research-Based teaching-learning, we aim to cover milestones like Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving as the 21st Century skills. This leads to constant advancement in easing the creative and collaborative learning engagements for students. And, it is done through realignment of curriculum, open-source courseware, and exploration of virtual tools. This further generates boundary-less learning and provides access to endless information.

Starex believes in igniting to inspire the best version of an individual to better the world. With courses designed to equip students with lifelong learning skills, a focus on a diverse range of contemporary issues, and a unique social and professional internship experience.

Subjects to be learnt in B. Tech in Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In this course, students learn fundamental subjects such as data structures, Design and analysis of algorithms, Python, OOPS, Java, databases, and design processes. The students will get a thorough understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by implementing real-life problems. This includes Pattern Recognition & Anomaly Detection, computer vision, Deep Learning (Neural Networks), Predictive Analytics and Computational Linguistics & Natural Language Processing.  

Fee Structure

To check these courses’ fees at StarexUniversity, visit here.


The candidates must score a minimum of 45 % in the PCM (Physics/Chemistry and Mathematics) group (40% in the case of SC candidates) in Class XII. 

Career Prospects of B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The era of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning has already begun. After two decades of Google, social media, and massive smartphone penetration; AI is considered to be the next Big Thing in the revolution in technology. From self-driving cars to advanced IBM Watson in the healthcare system, we can see it flourishing almost all over the industry.

Here is a list of available career opportunities after B. Tech in AI & ML:

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer

  • Big Data Engineer

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • Data Scientist

  • Deep Learning Engineer

  • Research Scientist

  • Business Intelligence Developer

  • AI Data Analyst

Apple, Google, Amazon, DJI, Clarifai, Facebook, Anki, and DeepMind are among the top recruiters of graduates with AI and machine learning expertise.