F Hospitality Career in Germany, Europe | Starex University

The Apprenticeship Training Program For Hospitality, GERMANY, Europe

 Starex University in the age group eligibility of 18-29 year olds with BSL. The program is tailored in a manner that would embark on a model which can be summed up as LEARN, EARN and WORK model.

The curriculum is curated so uniquely that it offers a Paid Apprenticeship to candidates with stipends from Euro 640-950 per month with few of the best properties in Germany while pursuing a Vocational Degree for 3 years sponsored by the Federal State Government of Germany. This shall help impart the correct Practical experience and the resonating Theoretical knowledge to candidates.

The students in this program are trained under the German Government Training Institute. The candidates spend two weeks at the hotel/restaurant and attend theoretical training for the remaining two weeks. The students upon completion of the program earn a specialist degree as a cook, restaurant specialist, hotel specialist or a system gastronomy along with a guaranteed employment. 

The degree is recognised all across Germany, Switzerland and the European Union. Best of all providing them an opportunity to apply for a Permanent Residency latest by 5 years and settle down for a better life. 

This program is well tailored to help candidates become financially independent alongside advancing their careers in the hospitality industry. Germany being one of the most progressive economies provides them a platform to expand their horizons with opportunities at galore.