F A Complete Guide to Career in Law and its Scope, Jobs & Salary

A Complete Guide to Career in Law and its Scope, Jobs & Salary By Starex University, Best Law University in Gurgaon

A Complete Guide to Career in Law and its Scope, Jobs & Salary By Starex University, Best Law University in Gurgaon

Posted By:Admin    Posted On: 15-Dec-2021

Interested in making a career in the law field? But, unaware of where a profession in the law field can lead you? Here’s a complete guide to help you throughout your journey from stepping into a law college up to landing a high-paying job. 

With the law education, you are open to abundant career avenues to choose from. This is one of the reasons that most of the students are picking law as their preferred choice of career. So, if you possess proficient communication skills, logical reasoning, argumentative and analytical skills as well as the capacity to read & imbibe – the legal sphere is the place to be. But, keep in mind that you have to be determined to achieve your goal, patient throughout the course, and possess or build strong logical skills as well as pay some hard & smart work. Law schools or colleges add to these skills and make students legal professionals.

Earning a Law Degree at School of Law

To get vast career opportunities and secure your future, you must opt for the Best Law University in Gurgaon. It can drive you to reach your goals in the Law field. For this, Starex University, Gurgaon, Haryana presents the School of Law for the aspirants interested in this field. 

Ranked among the leading private universities in India, SU offers two 5-year integrated programs. One is Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law (B.A. LLB) Honours and the other is Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law (BBA LLB) Honours. Apart from these, there is a list of law courses in India from which you can choose your desired degree program.

The School of Law at Starex University aims at ensuring high-quality education along with research with these two degrees through innovation, obtaining legal skills, and practical aspects of the law. 

Besides the academic knowledge in BA LLB University in Delhi, our faculty familiarizes the students with the contemporary judgments, laws, and practices required in the law fields of India.

Scope of Law Education

A law field rewards you with enticing experience such as it offers you financial benefits. You get that sense of fulfillment in helping society. Meaning that you make them aware of their fundamental human rights with your knowledge and expertise. 

Now, hoping for a career in Law in India does not exactly mean that you will be representing clients in courts or tribunals. Instead, you will have something beyond this. Some of the options available are advising the 

  • Government Agencies

  • Businesses

  • Individuals on legal issues 

Apart from this, you are open to becoming a:

  • Judge

  • Litigator

  • Consultant

  • Analyst, etc.

Once you complete your degree from the Best Law University in Gurgaon - Starex University, there is an ocean of opportunities in this field. One of the significant jobs that a law degree offers you is becoming a lawyer. You must be aware that lawyers possess a reputable position in today’s society. As, in some situations in our daily lives, we require legal professionals’ advice who can analyze and interpret law properly.

Lawyers advise clients about their legal rights and meticulously recommend a course of action. Possessing academic excellence only cannot assure you success in this profession. Rather, you need to have great professional competency. And, this can be acquired through experience. Furthermore, practicing with senior or experienced lawyers can surely get you on the way to success.

What are the merits or demerits of being a lawyer?

You get the following pros and cons of becoming a lawyer:

Merits Demerits
Opportunity to work on a variety of legal issues Fighting several cases may end up making foes of yours
Offers you perks and respect among clients Fighting  for Long working hours with a short time frame
It is an exciting  job that lets you fight different cases each time Cut-throat for senior lawyers



Campus recruitment at Best Law University in Gurgaon starts as high as Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. Plus, as per your promotions, you get a hike in your salary or income as well.

Types of Law Careers

If you are curious to know the job options available after your law degree, then, follow the list of some of the considerable profiles or sectors where you can start your career:

  • Civil Law: The specialization makes you an expert in dealing with cases where something is done wrong to an individual.

  • Criminal Law: With this, you will learn to define criminal offenses, charging, and trial of suspected persons, and to fix the penalty.

  • Corporate Law: Want to govern the rights, relations, & conduct of persons, organizations, companies, and businesses? This is the best specialization to opt for.

  • Taxation Law: Learning the taxation or tax or revenue law, a tax lawyers’ main task is to keep pace with assorted tax-related issues for the government, individuals, and corporations.

  • Labor Law: This specialization helps you acquire the knowledge about rights and responsibilities of the workers.

  • International Law: Are you keen to learn about the legal responsibilities of states in their conduct and treatment of individuals with each other within State boundaries? Choose your specialization in International Law.

  • Family Law: Can you solve domestic issues? The matrimonial law or family law will allow you to learn the tactics to resolve family disputes with the help of related laws. 

Other than these, you get an option to choose from the list of law courses in India with the specialization in Constitutional Law, Administration Law, Patent Law, etc.

Now, where are the job prospects of these specializations? 

Opting for any of the aforementioned specialty in a BA LLB University in Delhi, you will be avail a chance to be a:

  1. Criminal Lawyer

  2. Civil Litigation Lawyer

  3. Legal Analyst.

  4. Document Drafting Lawyer

  5. Legal Journalist

  6. Legal Advisor

  7. Government Lawyer

  8. Judge

How much will you earn being a lawyer?

The just-graduates can take a potential range of pay packages between Rs 5-10 lakh per annum to Rs 18-20 lakh per annum. This may vary depending upon your city or country or your knowledge and experience. Working as an intern with an individual can get you a stipend ranging from Rs. 5000 to 10, 000 during your studies.


All things considered, a career in the legal profession is highly demanding nowadays. Various law firms are looking for folks with extensive knowledge and expertise in this sphere and Starex University can help you obtain a bright & secure future with its two of the significantly demanded law courses in India.