F MCA Degree at the Best University for MCA in Delhi-A Smart Investment

Get An MCA Degree At The Best University For MCA In Delhi, India

Get An MCA Degree At The Best University For MCA In Delhi, India

Posted By:Admin    Posted On: 22-Apr-2022

Do you want to pursue your master’s degree in MCA (Masters of Computer Applications)? If yes, then choose the best university for MCA in Delhi, India that offers you the best post-graduation course with multiple benefits. 

The best universities for MCA in India aim to make you professional by giving the best knowledge of the computer programming field through a master’s degree in computer application. So, let’s discuss why you should study MCA after completing your graduation. But, before knowing why choosing MCA will be the best option for you, let’s first know what MCA is and what are its benefits. 

What is MCA?

MCA, an abbreviation of Masters of Computer Applications, is a master’s degree of two years that lets the students accurately understand computer application and science development. The PG (Post Graduation) course involves a deep understanding of computer programming. You can do the MCA course after completing your bachelor's in Computer Science or Application. 

The MCA course makes the graduates qualified and professional in the field of Information Technology (IT). After completing the post-graduation degree, you will be ready to take on all the challenges of computer science, software engineering, and technology. 

MCA is a two-year degree course comprising four semesters wherein each semester is of six months. 

Importance of MCA

Over the last two centuries, the importance of computers expanded from the day when it was developed. But not only computers, their applications, and programming systems were also developing side by side, and in today’s world, the importance of computer programming has immensely increased in the field of IT, offering the students numerous career opportunities, and making them professional to understand the language and development of computers.

What Skills You will Get Through MCA?

While doing this two-year post-graduation degree, you discover many skills in yourself that become helpful for you in the future and make you successful in the profession of the computer world. Following are the skills that you will acquire through MCA:

  • Technical Knowledge: By doing an MCA course, you will get technical knowledge that helps you to understand the programming and development of the computer. 

  • Analytical Skills: An analytical skill makes you analyse any technical problem or programming language of the computer. 

  • Organisational Skills: MCA course helps you to develop an organisational skill that makes you capable of meeting the goal, coordinating, managing any project, making any strategy, etc. in the company where you will be working.  

  • Communication Skills: Through this course, your communication skills become better and improved. 

  • Creative Skills: You can also get creative through this course to create new and fresh ideas that will be helpful to you to solve or manage any technical issue. 

Eligibility for MCA

To pursue an MCA course, you need to complete your graduation in BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) or B.Sc.(Bachelor of Science) with a minimum of 45% marks. 

Career Opportunities After MCA

You will get numerous career opportunities that will come after MCA will make you achieve the heights of success. So, let’s see what are the available job opportunities that you will get after your post-graduation from the best private university for MCA in India:

  • Software Developer

  • System Analyst

  • Hardware Engineer

  • Software Consultant 

  • IT Architect

  • Data Scientist

  • Web Designer & Developer

  • Troubleshooter

Not only these are the career options, but many more other professions are there such as Entrepreneurship, professor, technical writer, etc. 

Scope of MCA

The course of MCA has a great scope in India as well as in other countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and so on. More than thousands of universities in different countries offer the course of MCA with numerous benefits like paid internships and placements. While doing the course, the universities also tend to offer you industrial projects to give you real-world experience.

After completing your post-graduation, you will have many job opportunities in different fields of computer applications such as the Software industry, IT industry, research & education, banking, and many more, which have a bright future. 

The software industry gives more career opportunities such as Software Developer, Network Administrator, Data Scientist, Web Designer, Game Programmer, and many more. In this way, the students now opt for computer applications as the course has an extensive scope, and gives numerous benefits to them. 

Benefits of MCA

By reading the above things about the MCA course, you might be clear that the course has multiple benefits such as:

  • Technical Education: This is the foremost benefit that through the course, you will get technical education which will be helpful to you in the future. 

  • Employment: As you can get a kick start job even after your graduation in computer applications, then achieving a well-qualified job after your post-graduation will be easier.

  • Always in Trend: Another benefit of an MCA course is that it will always be in trend. The development of computer applications and programs keeps revolving which makes the computer field always in trend. 

  • High Salary: The salaries in the field of computers are comparatively high. You will get enough salary at the beginning which will be very satisfying. 

  • Bright Future: The field of computer science and application has a bright future as development keeps increasing. 

Which is the Best University for MCA in India?

We, at Starex University, aim to be the best university for MCA in Delhi, India, encouraging and supporting you in social, professional, and academic opportunities in computer science. 

The university provides you with a healthy and supportive environment to let you complete your MCA course. Moreover, the university aims to create a futuristic knowledge economy among students through innovation, creativity, and technology. 

How to Get Admission at Starex University for MCA?

To get admission to the best private university in Gurgaon-Starex University for an MCA course, first, you need to fill out an online application form on the official website of the university. Below are the steps to follow to make your online application for the 2022 session:

Step 1. Visit the official website of Starex University https://www.starexuniversity.com/ 

Step 2. Click on “Apply Online” above on the menu bar of the website. 

Step 3. Fill out your application form.

Step 4. Provide all your supporting documents.

Step 5. Payment of your admission fee can be made through net banking, debit card, or credit card. 

Starex University, the best university for MCA in Delhi, India assures you of better learning & education and aims to help you to reach the height of success through this well-versed degree. So, join us now and expect the best!