Hotel Management Degree: A Guide to a Promising Career with Best Hotel Management Universities in India

Hotel Management Degree: A Guide to a Promising Career with Best Hotel Management Universities in India

Posted By:Admin    Posted On: 04-Jan-2022

Hotel Management is one of the best choices of courses in India for students who aspire to become great chefs or want to work in or run their own hotel. What makes hotel management the most demanding? The answer is the unlimited and worldwide career opportunities available after hotel management or hospitality courses from the Best Hotel Management University in India. Thus, being globally viable, the hotel management course is really a valuable course for one who has the interest and the required ability to proceed & succeed in the hotel management industry. Here, you will get a quick look at the field & the career opportunities you can explore through a course in the stream of hospitality, or hotel management course. 

What is Hotel Management?

Hotel Management includes organizing and dealing with all the activities that are needed to run a hotel, a service apartment, a guest house, or to put it in simple terms, the facilities where convenient accommodation services are provided to the visitors. 

Hotel Management Incorporates:

ü  Front Office Management – Noting questions of the hotel visitors, assisting the guests with booking and checking in the hotel, noting different assistance calls from the guest, and assisting visitors with covering bills. 

ü  Food and Beverage Services Management – This includes:

I) serving food and refreshments to hotel guests at their rooms 

II) serving food and drinks at the different eateries, bars, cafés, and other areas of the hotel

ü  Guest Services Management – Assisting guests with profiting of different administrations presented by the hotel, for example, travel appointments, vehicle rentals, business work area administrations, spa administrations, and so forth. This, additionally, includes noting questions of the guests and settling their complaints, if any.

ü  Housekeeping Services Management – Housekeeping includes the upkeep of the amenities in a hotel, including the rooms, eateries, etc. Housekeeping includes tidying up rooms, course of action of clothes and different objects/items at rooms. Clothing administrations are additionally important for housekeeping administrations.

ü  Kitchen Management and Food Preparation – Cooks and gourmet specialists at hotels, alongside their helpers, plan the menu, arrange and get food fixings just as drinks, and get ready different food dishes just as different delicate and hard refreshments to serve the guests at the hotel. 

ü  Marketing and Sales – Hotel Management tasks include promoting the hotel administrations to expected guests just as offering the different administrations to them.

 ü  Dinner and Event Management – Relying on the star rating, a hotel might have various feast corridors and different scenes for getting sorted out occasions. Overseeing occasions at these corridors and settings are a pivotal part of hotel management.

 ü  Office Management and Engineering – A hotel might have different structures and different frameworks for smooth tasks – like structural designing, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) designing, etc. 

Why Choose a Career in Hotel Management?

As the world gets more modest and globalized, the quantity of tourists and business explorers has seen a high development in recent years. This has pushed the travel industry and hotel industry to accomplish higher benchmarks of value and administration to take into account a wide range of requests made by voyagers.

Abilities Required to Succeed in Hotel Management

Hotel Management lets individuals work in an industry that requires exceptionally assorted abilities in person besides getting a top-notch education in the related field from one of the Top Hotel Management Colleges of Gurgaon, Haryana (India). In this manner, to oblige various obligations you are considered responsible for, there are sure traits that you ought to have. This includes:

  • Relational abilities

  • Relational Skills

  • Administration Skills

  • Hierarchical Skills

  • Critical thinking Skills

  • Innovative Skills

  • Courses in Hotel Management

At the point when we talk about courses for Hotel Management, there are various degree courses you can seek to start an effective vocation in a hotel after completing your higher secondary education from the Best Hotel Management Universities in India. Here is a list of hotel management courses available at Starex University’s Best Hotel Management School in India:

 Top Hotel Management Courses after Twelfth 

 The Best Hotel Management Courses in India after twelfth plan and train you in the vital offices in a hotel. Generally, these are the front office, visitor administrations, kitchen, food and refreshments, housekeeping, deals, and so forth.

  • B. Sc. Hospitality & Hotel Administration

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

  • Diploma in House Keeping

  • Diploma in Food & Beverages

  • Diploma in Cooking/Food Production

  • Diploma in Bakery

Eligibility: Aspirants seeking admission in either a bachelor degree or a diploma course, must have completed their 10+2 with a minimum of 45% marks.

 Top Hotel Management Courses after Graduation

  • Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Administration

  • Master of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

Eligibility: To take admission into any of the 2-year master degree programs, a candidate must possess a graduation degree in any discipline with at least 50% marks. 

Open Positions in Hotel Management

There are a few opportunities in the Hotel Industry where you can look for a decent job according to your qualification, skills and experience in Hotel Management. Depending upon your knowledge and the university you are graduating from might get you any of the following positions:

Ø  Management Trainee: As a management trainee, you perform pivoting responsibilities in every department of a hotel and afterwards begin functioning as an Assistant Manager or in some other junior-level jobs.

Ø  Hotel Operations Trainee: In this, you are generally allocated for training in a specific division of a star hotel and upon completion; you begin working on a junior-level job in the same department.

Ø  Commis Chef: If you find a job in the kitchen, your first job could be as a Commis Chef. In this job, you will be engaged with the fundamental parts of food arrangement like cutting, chopping, marinating, and blending, and so on. 

Top Trending Industries Where You Can Work


  • You can work in MICE Industry (Event management) and different offices which deal with boarding and lodging administrations

  • Hospitality or catering services for IRCTC

  • Entrepreneurship Training: Opening your Bakery/Restaurant, Running canteens for schools, universities, hostels and so forth

  • Cargo or passenger carriers, oil tankers, and so on

  • After finishing your degree in Hotel Management, you can likewise be an instructor at any of the Top Hotel Management Colleges of India.

  • Sales & Marketing Jobs 

Why Choose Starex University for Hotel Management? 

The School of Hotel Management at Starex University is one of the preeminent, well-recognized and best hotel management schools in Gurugram (Haryana, India). With talented academicians and 100+ recruiting partners, your success is guaranteed with Starex University.

The Starex’s School of Hospitality Management embodies the great essence of Hospitality. Our main aim is to educate and make students aware of the real meaning of Hospitality, which is to “Make a difference in other’s life and leave a positive mark behind”.

Starex Hotel Management is about leadership, passion, and emotional intelligence. We build purposeful, authentic, vibrant leaders in hospitality.

The individual approach, take ensures the graduates have the best chance of securing their dream roles in the industry.

Our students benefit from paid international internship placements. The Hotel Management degree uses a variety of teaching methods to exceptional learning such as assigning tasks based on individual research and reports, group projects, educational trips to industrial sites, etc.

The students acquire not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience within the university and in hotels.

So, what are you waiting for? Join hands with one of the Best Hotel Management Universities in India and pursue our Best Hotel Management Courses in India to make your dreams come true and enjoy a successful and enticing career ahead.