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Fashion - Mushrooming industry

Fashion - Mushrooming industry

Posted By:Admin    Posted On: 25-Jun-2020

Fashion industry is a million dollar enterprise that is dedicated for making & Selling products

New designs of fashion and color combinations of different colors are being seen in the market. Due to this, the interest in Fashion Designing is increasing day by day. If you have artistry, new colors, design, and style attract you, then fashion designing is a great field for you. However, there is a wide scope of fashion design in India as well as abroad. After completing their professional studies in fashion design, students have innumerable options.

Fashion Designers have many options for Designing, Research, Cloth Production, Textile Designing, etc. Below is some information about the role of designers with some attractive jobs for fashion designers:

1) Fashion Designer: In the fashion industry, designers play an important role in creating a new product in relation to the latest trends prevailing in the market.

2) Fashion Illustrator: Fashion illustrator has to prepare primary sketches about the wishes and interpretations of the fashion designer. An illustrator must know the mental creations and ideas of the designer.

3) Fashion Stylist: A stylist has to take care of makeup, hairstyle, dress code, etc. to provide a great look in the show.

4) Fashion Coordinator: The coordinator has to take care of marketing policies and their arrangements. The coordinator has no connection with the designing tasks. Rather, the coordinator has to perform the responsibilities of advertising products, organizing fashion shows, etc.

5) Fashion Consultant: A consultant should always be aware of trends and changes. They regularly present their ideas regarding the development of a product. Also, the consultant needs to be an active supervisor, who can quickly experience the changing fashion.

6) Fashion Merchandiser: The merchandiser has primary marketing responsibility. Analysis of past and latest trends and sales data is one of the major distributions. The merchandiser helps the designers/production team by collecting details from buyers. An understanding of market demand and production processes, as well as the fashion merchandiser, fabric merchandise, etc. should be known to the fashion merchandiser.

This is what happened to the role of fashion designers. Now let us tell you some facts related to fashion designing, which are as follows:

  • It not only requires fashion designers, but many other roles also cater to the fashion industry. Fashion photography, pattern making, garment manufacturing, assistant designing, make-up artist, modeling, textile weaving, textile research and development, fashion journalism in the fashion industry in India like any other country. Editorial and production etc. have different roles. This means that your choices in this area are not limited to fashion designers.
  • The current expansion of the Indian fashion industry is 1000 crores, while the market expansion is believed to be 20,000 crores. However, Indian fashion accounts for just 0.2% of the world market.
  • With time, it is becoming very difficult to get admission to the College of Fashion Designing. On the other hand, if you were not interested in Geometry at school, designing fashion can be even more difficult.
  • In fashion design, the innovation of any person is usually centralized at the top i.e. with the designer, the rest of the people working in the field only follow the designer's instruction.

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