What Are The Career Options Available After Bsc Mathematics

What Are The Career Options Available After Bsc Mathematics

Posted By:Admin    Posted On: 10-Mar-2020

Bsc Mathematics is an excellent course for those who want to pursue their career in mathematics. There are a vast number of career opportunities available after completing this course from the best private university in Gurgaon. Often students ask this question on various forums or counselors about what are the career options available after successfully completing B.sc mathematics. After B.sc you can either pursue higher graduation or can also look for jobs. B.sc mathematics students can attain a job in various fields. Let's have a look at the career opportunities after completing B.sc mathematics. 

There are various career options available after completing B.sc mathematics. However, if you want to pursue higher studies, then you can go for these courses such as 

  • MCA: Master of computer application(MCA) is considered to be the best higher study option for students who have done b.sc mathematics. MCA is likely to be the best course for those students who want to nurture their career in the field of IT sector and can have this degree from the top MCA Colleges in Gurgaon. Research agencies like DRDO  prefer MCA students over other stream students. MCA graduates with mathematics background can get a job in Remote Sensing centers. 

  • MBA: Masters in Business Administration is also a highly recommended career option for those who have done graduation in math. If you have completed an MBA in finance then you can reach an esteemed position later in your career such as Chief Finance Officer in the Corporate Sector. 

Apart from MBA and MCA, there are other courses available after b.sc that can help in an effective manner to build a lucrative career in this field. 

  • Chartered Accountant: Having a degree in mathematics, you can pursue chartered accountant. Thus, if you like auditing and taxes, then it is good to go for this career.

  • Banking: Banking is nowadays a highly enticing career option for youngsters. Thus, if you have a degree in mathematics, then, you have an edge over other aspirants. Thus, this is also another lucrative career option available after B.SC 

  • Data Analyst: Data analyst is required in a huge number. And mathematics is highly required for this job. Thus, if you have a degree in mathematics and are interested in numbers, then choose this as your career.

  • Market research: After completing BSc mathematics, you can become a market researcher. This high profile job requires great analytical skills and having a degree in math gives you an edge over the other job applicants. It is a great career option.

Apart from the above-mentioned career options, there are other profitable career options available after completing this course from the best private university in Gurgaon.