Career Scope after Polytechnic Diploma/Course

Career Scope after Polytechnic Diploma/Course

Posted By:Admin    Posted On: 11-May-2020

Is your polytechnic diploma course going to end now or are you thinking about doing a polytechnic diploma course and you are worried about the possibilities of employment after doing this course and career advancement in it? In both these situations you do not need to be afraid and think too much. There are very good career options and opportunities after completion of diploma polytechnic courses. One of the main reasons for choosing a polytechnic diploma course is to provide excellent career opportunities with less money and less time.

After completion of the polytechnic diploma program, students have various career options in engineering trades as well as non-engineering fields.

Further Study

Although the Polytechnic Diploma Program is a full-fledged technical degree course that has been conducted and approved by the AICTE/All India Council for Technical Education, these courses are specifically designed to help students learn the practical aspects and basics of the respective streams or subjects. Therefore, if you want to increase the theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge of your technical knowledge, then after completing the Polytechnic Diploma course, emphasis should be given on the study of the following subjects.

Advantage of Further Study after Polytechnic Diploma

The polytechnic diploma is a technical degree. This can help you get a good job. It is necessary to study even after doing a diploma to prove your eligibility for various level jobs and high-level jobs. During the polytechnic diploma, the practical aspects and basic facts of the respective domains are emphasized, but they are not sufficient for a high-level job. With a polytechnic diploma, a junior-level job can easily be found at the initial level, but it does not work only for high-level jobs. Therefore, further study becomes necessary for adequate knowledge at both the theoretical and practical levels in the respective domains.

B.Tech Lateral Entry Scheme

The most popular option for polytechnic diploma holders, especially from the engineering domain, is to choose B.Tech or B.E. For this, the candidates have to appear in the related engineering entrance exam for the college and the course. Many engineering colleges offer lateral entry to engineering diploma holders. Lateral entry means that you are in the engineering program directly for the second year. In some colleges, separate entrance examinations are conducted for admission of diploma holders through the Lateral Entry Scheme.

Bachelor in Study Domain

Apart from B.Tech and B.E courses, polytechnic diploma holders also have the option to join a three-year regular undergraduate course in their respective domains. This option is particularly practical for non-engineering programs, diploma holders rather than three-year regular undergraduate programs such as B.Sc, BA, BCA, and B.Com. But for this, the candidate should have 12th result and diploma certificate, only then they can take admission in it.

Job Opportunities

The polytechnic diploma has been designated by many students as a short duration of career due to its excellent field and various career opportunities. After passing 10th, it offers exciting career options for students struggling with financial problems. In such a situation, they can choose to join PSUs by joining the government services sector, working with private companies, or even starting their own business and becoming self-employed.