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  • Starex University Unveils Culinary Brilliance in Kitchen Talent Hunt

  • 07-01-2024

  • Glimpse of Halloween celebration at School of Hotel Management Starex University

  • 31-10-2023

  • workshop focused on scrapyard innovation and sustainable practices

  • 16-12-2023

  • On December 16, 2023, School of Hotel Management at Starex University – Gurugram organized a pioneering workshop focused on scrapyard innovation and sustainable practices. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from all faculty members of Starex University, reflecting the institution's commitment to environmental consciousness and creativity.
    The primary objective of the workshop was to promote the recycling of scraps and raise awareness about sustainable practices within the academic community. The event aimed to inspire faculty members to explore innovative ways to repurpose discarded materials, contributing to a more eco-friendly and resource-efficient future.
    Distinguished guest Dr. A. S. Bedi, Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to the Chancellor, graced the occasion as the chief guest. Dr. Bedi delivered an insightful address, emphasizing the ecological benefits of recycling and the importance of adopting sustainable approaches. He motivated the faculty members to actively participate in such initiatives and become advocates for environmentally responsible practices.
    During the workshop, faculty members showcased their creativity by crafting various items from the collected scraps. The event provided a platform for participants to exchange ideas, learn new techniques, and foster a sense of environmental responsibility. The innovative creations demonstrated the potential for turning discarded materials into valuable and aesthetically pleasing products.
    The School of Hotel Management at Starex University – Gurugram takes pride in organizing events that not only contribute to academic enrichment but also promote a sense of social and environmental responsibility among its faculty members. The success of the scrapyard workshop underscores the university's commitment to fostering a culture of sustainability and creativity within its academic community.