Admission 2021-22

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Saskatchewan University, SK, Canada

Department of Agricultural Sciences, Starex University, Gurugram comes together with Department of Plant’s Sciences, University of Saskatchewan, Canada to offer the students expertise of 

  1. To organise faculty and Scholars exchange between two institutes.

  2. To encourage Joint Research Projects between two Institutes

  3. To organize Joint International Workshops, Seminars and Conferences in India and Canada.

The Department of Plant Sciences, in Saskatchewan University along with the fully integrated Crop Development Centre (CDC), provide a truly unique experience to students by offering teaching and research programs focusing on the physiology, development management and production of field and horticultural crops prairies and the management of non-arable lands.

It is only plant sciences department in Canada capable of offering such a diverse experience in plant studies. A close cooperation between the department and other research institutions on campus, such as the Plant Biotechnology Institute of the National Research Council, the Agriculture and Agri-food Canada Research Station, the Protein, Oil and Starch (POS) Pilot Plant and the Canadian Light Source allows graduate students to participate in interdisciplinary research.

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